Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Judge a book by its Cover

If the person looks crazy, 9 times out of 10, they are crazyPhotobucket
Take this lovely gentleman above^^
Not long ago, my friend Stephanie got into a really bad car accident, which rendered her ability to drive. Now after a year of avoiding the great public transportation of Southern California, Stephanie is back to her endless journeys on "the metro"  filled with blissful atrocity. First day back and Stephanie already had the pleasure of meeting the guy above. Oh joy! After waiting for nearly fifteen minutes at the bus stop, so Steph can get to the facility of higher learning, she assumed this guy was practically normal since he wasn't bothering her. Yet exactly after those fifteen minutes passed, it was like a time bomb went off, causing this man to explode with outrage, angst, and pure coo-coo-ness. Minding her own business, Chuck (we'll call him chuck), started smoking a  cigarette, and later began to sprinkle the ash buds on poor little Stephanie. As shown in the picture above, next to Chuck is a bag next, which belonged to Stephanie, however Chuck felt the need to tug and snatch at it. Rude! After several more minutes of Stephanie painfully listening to Chuck cuss her out, for no reason, in some gibberish type language, the bus finally had arrive. Thank ya Jesus!
ahhh good times:) 

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Joshua Hargis said...

So, what happened to the bag?